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History of Golestan

Half a century of experience has introduced Golestan as a company of high quality products which are reliable to its loyal customers.
50 years experinceWe have experienced this way as follows:
• We start our job in 1953 and had efforts for more proud of IRAN
• The market share of Golestan increased in decade 1960 and changed it into one of the famous Iranian Business names.
• In 1970, all mangers of our company had structural development at the top of their programs and could create variety of products and a great trade name.
• In case of great economic problems and involvement of the county in a non-preferable war in 1980, Golestan tried to compensate any shortages of war by innovation in manufacturing and producing of domestic machinery.
• In 1991, we could apply modern technology & information infrastructures in total group with fixed economy and upgrading the state’s economic power.
• With providing required situation for further cooperation with great and valid international institutes, Golestan could enter its name into the list of valid trade names such as Twinings in 2001.
It is a continuous process of efforts and endeavors in a way that right now there are 2000 persons and more than 300 types of products. But we are still trying to add new products to our basket with our innovation and non-continuous efforts in recognition of Iranian families’ necessities and present considerable services to them.
What make us different with others are continuous efforts in supplying the needs of customers and meeting their satisfaction trough supplying of suitable quality besides variety of products and understanding their daily needs.